What’s the Link Between Public Speaking and Skittles?

Public Speaking and Skittles - Eric Skates

Eric Skates – VP Education

Well, isn’t it obvious?  The link between Public Speaking and Skittles is Wessex Speakers, of course.

Being on a mission to put some fun into Public Speaking doesn’t mean that we have to focus on speaking at meetings, alone.  So, on Friday evening, 20th July, a group of us went down to the Kings Head at Hursley for an evening of food, fun, friends ……….. and Skittles!

Thanks to Eric Skates (VP Education) for arranging everything and thanks to Christian and the staff at the Kings Head, Hursley for providing great food and, most importantly, the Skittles Alley – It would have been difficult to play without it.  😉

Conrad Hoe took care of the music (I didn’t know you had such good taste, Conrad. 🙂  ), Eric organised the Skittles Programme for the evening (including prizes) and Julian Gee recorded some video for posterity.  Just click to view;

The main event was a team competition.  How we came up with the team names “The Lepers” and the “E-Coli’s”, I’m not quite sure but everyone got right in to the spirit of things.

Unsurprisingly, the competitive nature of people, particularly some of the ladies, quickly came to light but the score line of 3-0 to the “E-Coli’s” doesn’t reflect how tight the competition really was.  Of course, being a “Leper”, myself, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Sorry, did someone mention the word ‘Whitewash’???    Naaahhhhh!!

Public Speaking and Skittles - Eric awards Alex the Gold Prize for the E-Coli's

Alex receiving the Gold Prize on behalf of the E-Coli’s

Alex was only too pleased to accept the ‘Gold Prize’ on behalf of the “E-Coli’s” – several boxes of Ferrero Rocher – Lucky things!  Needless to say, they didn’t last out the night and were polished off well before the end of the evening.

There were a couple of other prizes, as well.  Eric’s wife, Gill, won the Gold for the highest individual score throughout the Team Competition and Andy Brine got the ‘Wooden Spoon Award’ for the lowest score of the evening.  I’d love to say that Andy ended up in this position because of the incredibly high scores achieved by everyone else ……….. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite the case, with a number of us (myself included) vying with Andy for the bottom rung on the ladder.

Public Speaking and Skittles - Eric Presents Gill with the Highest Score, Andy Misses Another One and Gets the Wooden Spoon

Gill wins the Highest Score of the Day – The story of Andy’s evening – missing another one and getting the Wooden Spoon

Next on the agenda was an Individual Knockout Competition, which also turned into a bit of a whitewash with Debbie Froud winning every round.  That’s consistency for you.

Public Speaking and Skittles - Eric Presents Debbie with the Individual Knockout Award

Eric Presents Debbie with the Individual Knockout Award

Now they do say that consistency pays off in the end and it certainly did for Debbie as she won a very nice bottle of red wine.   I think she mentioned something about sending Robin out with the children and having a quiet evening, alone with her bottle …… but I may have been mistaken.

Amazingly, for a Public Speaking Club, the only speaking that took place came when Eric presented the prizes to the lucky recipients.  The focus was, definitely, on fun for the evening and a great time was had by all.  Oh, and we did manage to squeeze eating into the schedule, as well.

Poddi Winchester - THE Place to Network in WinchesterOn a personal note, this particular Friday was a little bizarre for me.  I’m very active with Poddi Winchester, a new networking group in the area and we meet on a Friday morning for a breakfast meeting at the Kings Head.  So, I got there at 6:30 am for Poddi and, finally, left shortly after 11:00pm.

I should point out that I really wasn’t there all day.  Honest.

And it’s worth noting that, if you do go networking but don’t feel entirely comfortable when you have to get up and introduce your business to the group, Wessex Speakers are here to help you develop your Public Speaking skills and have fun, all at the same time.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and are looking for a fun evening out with friends, family or any other group of people, you really should think about a Skittles evening at the Kings Head.

Have a great one!

Steve Bimpson

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