Using Humour in Speeches – Would you like to know How?

Using Humour in Speeches - People Laughing

For those of us that do speak in public, or for those of us that aspire to, using humour in speeches is, surely, one of the more difficult things to do in a predictable way.

On a personal level, I’ve often found that an idea comes to mind that seems very funny and, so,  I build it in to my speech as I prepare.  The challenge comes from the fact that the more I practice my speech – and go over what I thought was funny – the the less humorous it seems to be.  At least, to me, anyway.

Then I start to doubt myself and wonder whether I really should use it, at all.  After all, although silence in a speech can be used in a very powerful way, it’s definitely not want you want to hear after delivering a joke, is it?

I’ve often wondered whether there’s a formula, or a number of formulae, that you can use to create humour in speeches in a consistent and predictable way.  Maybe you’ve been asking yourself that same question?

Well, I was delighted to discover that one of our neighbouring Toastmasters Clubs, Hamwic Speakers, is running a workshop entitled, “Using Humour in Speeches”.  No doubt, this will be the perfect opportunity for me to find out the answer to my question.

Perhaps you’d like the opportunity to find out the answer, as well?  If so, you’re very welcome to attend.

Using Humour in Speeches – A Workshop by Jan Jack

Using Humour in Speeches - a Workshop by Jan Jack

Jan Jack on Using Humour in Speeches

The workshop is being delivered by Jan Jack, the founder of the Laughter-House in Basingstoke.  Jan will be sharing some of her experiences as a stand-up comedienne, as well as, giving some Top Tips on writing and delivering humour in speeches.

She promises to deliver on the following, which all sound like just what I’ve been looking for;

  • How to craft humorous content.
  • How to deliver that killer line.
  • How to judge an audience, perfectly, to find the ‘right kind of humour’ for them.

It sounds like ‘just the ticket’.  In fact, I’ve booked my place and will be there on Tuesday 31st July 2012.

There’s not much time to get yourself booked in but guests are always welcome at Hamwic Speakers.  You can find out more about this event, and book yourself a place, by following this link.

I hope to see you there.

Have a great one,

Steve Bimpson

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