Jonathan Edwards – Still the World Record Holder

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1st August 2012

Triple Jumper Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards winning Olympic Gold in Sydney

Despite the fact that Jonathan Edwards set the World Triple Jump record in 1995 he still holds that World Record, today.  That’s a long time for a World Record to stand.

Here are some wise words from Jonathan;

“There are many people, particularly I see in sport, who are afraid to give 100% in what they do in case they find out that they are not as good as they seem. But you should not set any limits in your head.”

“To define ourselves by our achievements is not enough. We define our character by how we respond to our challenges, how we deal with them and overcoming the things people think about us.”

And a couple on the Triple Jump;

“It’s all about training and rhythm and getting it right on the day.”

“If I get a jump right, there’s a feeling of flying.”

Probably the outstanding moment in Jonathans’ career must have been when he set the new World Record for Triple Jump in 1995. He already held the World Record and then went on to break his own record twice …… at the same event!

That’s exrtraordinary.  Take a look at the video, below.

A Bit About Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards, CBE, was born on the 10th May 1966 in London.

He won a Gold Medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney Australia and at the European Cup in 1995 he set a World Record in the Triple Jump of 18.29 metres, which has never been beaten.

At one point in 2002, Jonathan held all the Gold Medals for the four major championships – the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the European Championships.  That’s quite an achievement.

Since retiring as an athlete, Jonathan has worked as an athletics commentator and presenter for BBC television and is a member of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games.

In December 2006, the University of Ulster awarded a Doctor of the University (DUniv) to Jonathan Edwards at the winter graduations at the Jordanstown campus.

In thanking the University for the award, Dr Edwards offered a humorous apology to his fellow graduates saying: “You have all worked so very hard for three or four years to get here today and all I have done is hop, skip and jump.”

As he still holds that incredible World Record, who could argue that Jonathan Edwards is the greatest Triple Jumper ever?

Have a great one,

Steve Bimpson

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