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Our Olympic Quotations of the Day

12th August 2012

Well, that’s it folks. The London 2012 Olympics is now officially over. You’ll have to wait another four years for the next one.

But what an Olympics.

It’s been phenomenally successful for Team GB and congratulations should go out to all of our athletes for the way in which they’ve competed. However, special congratulations must go out to all of those whose sterling efforts resulted in a medal for themselves, for Team GB and for all of us to celebrate and honour.

Team GB's Olympic Medal Winners

It’s been extraordinary and I, for one, never expected the event to galvanise the public in the way that it has. Wouldn’t life be amazing if it was like this all of the time?

For those involved in the organisation of the event, surely, it’s been a triumph beyond all expectation and congratulations should go out to everyone involved on that side, as well.

The goal of the London 2012 Olympics was to “Inspire a Generation” and I’m sure that it’s not only a generation that’s been inspired. I think all of us have been.

To finish our Olympic Tribute I thought we would end with some fairly random but noteworthy quotations that made it on to this page because of their humour, relevance or poignancy. Here we go, and who could forget this;

Quotations from the London 2012 Olympics

HRH Queen Elizabeth at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics


“Good evening, Mr Bond.”

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth makes her film debut in a clip with James Bond star Daniel Craig, which was shown as part of the Opening Ceremony.

From Spain’s synchronised swimming coach Ana Tarres;

“Our legs are not as long and our bottoms stick out more – we need to work harder to compensate for this.”

– Describing the challenges in competing against their long-time rival Russia, who took the team Gold Medal whilst the Spaniards had to settle for Bronze.  I had to smile   🙂

Alistair and Jonathan BrownleeAnd what about British men’s triathlon Bronze Medallist Jonathan Brownlee;

“I saw the board with number 31 on it and thought my brother had got a penalty. I thought ‘What an idiot Alistair, you’ve got a penalty’. Then I looked at my arm and realised I was number 31.”

– Describing his reaction to a 15-second penalty for getting on his bike too early. His brother Alistair took the Gold Medal. Priceless!

And what about Flyweight Rau’shee Warren, the first American boxer to compete in three Games;

“The headgear… it kept falling down over my eyes. Then my contacts fell out in the first round, so I was having to wait for my opponent to get a little closer so I could throw my shots.”

– Talking about the latest loss in his eight-year Olympic losing streak.

And there was inspiration from Erick Barrondo, winner of Guatemala’s first-ever Olympic medal with Silver in the men’s 20-kilometre race walk;

“I hope that this medal inspires the kids at home to put down guns and knives and pick up a pair of trainers instead. If they do that, I will be the happiest guy in the world.”

What a great sentiment.

Oscar Pistorious in Action

There was more inspiration from South African runner Oscar Pistorius, nicknamed ‘Blade Runner’ because he races on carbon fibre prosthetic blades;

“My mother used to tell us in the mornings, ‘Carl put on your shoes, Oscar you put on your prosthetic legs …So I grew up not really thinking I had a disability. I grew up thinking I had different shoes.”

– Talking about growing up playing sports with brother Carl – but what an attitude to have grown up with.

Roger BannisterRoger Bannister, famous for running a mile in under four minutes in 1954;

“Had I won the gold medal, I would have retired.”

– Revealing that he might have quit two years earlier had he not missed out on an Olympic Medal in Helsinki.

And we can’t let the moment pass without a few words from Boris Johnson;

Boris Johnson“The excitement is growing so much I think the Geiger counter of Olympo-mania is going to go ‘zoink’ off the scale.”

– Being characteristically effusive in summing up the mood at an Olympics concert in London’s Hyde Park.

But wasn’t he right!   And I loved this one from Boris;

“‘Inspire a generation’ is our motto. Not necessarily ‘Create a generation’, which is what they sometimes get up to in the Olympic village.”

– Extolling the “energy and enthusiasm” of the Games’ 10,000 athletes who, apparently, had some 150,000 condoms distributed amongst them.

Matthew PinsentFinally, let’s not forget that we all perform in our own way and we can all harness that Olympic Spirit, that Olympic Attitude and that Olympic drive to succeed in our businesses if we choose to do so;

“There are many parallels between sport and business – it’s about setting goals, motivating yourself, communication and performing well under pressure.”

– Matthew Pinsent

Well, as I’m listening to Take That singing in the finale of the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, there’s not much else for me to say, other than;

Have a great one,

Steve Bimpson

P.S Doesn’t that Darcy Bussell know how to make an entrance!   🙂

Darcy Bussell and Her Spectacular Entrance to the London Olympics Closing Ceremony

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