Changing the Clocks

It's time for Changing the Clocks

Changing the Clocks

We had 5 guests with us, two of whom have now joined the team. So, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Trevor Loveland and Harry Fell – it’s great to have you with us.

We also had Gary Evans-Osgood with us, an ex Toastmaster from Brisbane, as well as Ravis’ lovely daughter, Meganna – who’s enthusiasm and excellent impromptu speaking, won her the award for Best Table Topic. Well done, Meganna.  You’re welcome to join us any time.

Sarah jane Rice

Sarah jane Rice

It was, particularly nice to see our final guest. Sarah Jane Rice. Sarah’s an ex member of Wessex Speakers and hasn’t been in quite a while.  But that didn’t show.  She rolled up her sleeves and joined in with the proceedings by delivering an excellent Evaluation of Robin Froud’s very convincing speech about the Fasting Diet. (I’m going to give it a whirl, Robin.)

Andy Brine

Andy Brine

Andy Brine gave us a really interesting start to the formal speeches. He’s just started his new Advanced Manual, Communicating on Television, and his objective was to deliver an opinion in the style of a TV News Report, direct to camera.  We then got to watch it back and the evaluation was done on the recording.

Watching Andy back on video struck me as being very relevant to our theme of Changing the Clocks.  Particularly, when our Table Topics Master introduced the related concept of Time, in to the equation. (More on that, later)

It was quite strange watching Andy deliver his speech, directly, to the camera.  There was no eye contact with the audience, at all, which meant that he met the objective of presenting to the camera, very well. It was very interesting, indeed, and I’m looking forward to his next project from the manual.

Lynne Thompson - Breathtakers OB TrustLynne Thompson gave her second speech, ‘Finding the Daisy Among the Dandelions’, which was a beautiful analogy describing how to motivate, encourage and nurture the team of volunteer fundraisers that are a vital element of the charity that she runs. We learned about the 3 P’s of Propagation; Passion, Proposal and Praise and how to use this simple process to find and nurture those, all important, Daisies.

This analogy and the 3 P’s process is so relevant and can easily be applied to many different, yet similar, situations. I may well ‘borrow’ the idea, myself. I only hope that I can present it as eloquently and with the same level of enthusiasm that Lynne demonstrated.  Are you sure that you haven’t attended Toastmasters before, Lynne?

On only his second meeting as a member, Les Brown took on the role of Table Topics Master and showed some real, creative flair with his twist on the meetings’ theme, which, as I said, earlier, was ‘Changing the Clocks’.  His twist revolved around the concept of travelling in time and there were 5 really interesting and thought provoking questions, which, Harry, Megana, Trevor, Gary and Sarah tackled with poise, enthusiasm and humour.

Ravi BhattaRavi was Table Topics Evaluator for the evening and did a great job of offering all of our Table Topics Speakers plenty of positive praise and some useful and objective feedback. And it was great to have Paddy with us, taking on the role of Timekeeper.

We had a bit of a change from the norm with an ‘open’ style Grammarian and General Evaluation reports. There were some excellent contributions but it was really good to be reminded of Paddy’s objective, insightful and highly relevant feedback. It’s great to have you back, Paddy. We missed you.

Anyway, if you missed this meeting, make sure that your there at the next one on the 24th April.

Have a great on,

Steve Bimpson

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