Meeting Review – Public Speaking & Business

At the last meeting of Wessex Speakers, at the Raquets and Fitness club in Winchester, we had a great night, which focused on public speaking in business. Our special guest for the evening was change management specialist and current UK Lieutenant Governor of Training and Education for Toastmasters, Jean Gamester.


Our members and guests were treated to three prepared speeches, after the room was put through an icebreaker question for us all to get our voice boxes working. Steve Vear, acting as our Toastmaster for the evening asked the room to talk about any kind of voluntary activity we had undertaken or task you had completed for someone for free. With only up to thirty seconds per person, it was great to hear about everyone’s achievements; charity work or indeed peoples desire to do something in the future.


Steve Vear gave us a presentation about coaching in the workplace, which included an explanation on what is coaching, the benefits of coaching and an example of the GROW model which was can be used to coach. It was a well received presentation and helped Steve work toward his next educational goal of the Advanced Leader Bronze level. Next was our special guest Jean, who gave an inspiriting speech about her business journey, and how Toastmasters have helped Jean to discover skills she never had.


Finally, club President Steve Bimpson gave a speech about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone to see what we could achieve.


As with everything in Toastmasters, after the break it was time to hear the evaluations of each of the speeches, which allows each speaker to improve for the next time and enjoy hearing about what fellow members really liked about their speech.


Our regular Table Topics slot then followed which gives people the chance to practice their impromptu speaking, by coming up with a an on the spot speech for 1 to 2 minutes without any prior knowledge of the subject until they arrive on the stage.


It was another great night at Wessex Speakers and we can’t wait until the next meeting.


Anyone is welcome to join our meetings as a guest, with the next one being on Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 7:15pm

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