Giving feedback: how to make it win-win

Do you ever wonder how best to give feedback to a colleague?  You can see how they could get things done so much better.  And you want them to learn from your experience to make improvements all round, but what if you upset them?  Often people are concerned that they could make things worse, not better.

Giving feedback

Giving feedback?

Evaluation (or giving feedback) is a central part of the Toastmasters experience.  On Wednesday we had a masterclass in Evaluation from ex President of Wessex Speakers, Julian Gee, who is a teaching fellow at the University of Southampton.  Julian showed us tools and techniques that will help anyone give great feedback, whatever the setting.  You can find his slides here.

If you would like to improve your skills at giving feedback why not come along on a Wednesday evening and find out what it is all about. 

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