Wessex Speakers Website Update

Well, here we are with the all new Wessex Speakers website update.  The main aim has been to incorporate a blog on the site and to integrate some Social Media buttons and functionality to make everything more interactive, both for members and for visitors to the site.

Improving the interactivity and, therefore, the engagement that the site has should help the club attract more guests and, as you know, we love to have guests at our meetings.  Of course, the Social Media side of things should help us to get a lot more visitors to the website, in the first place, which will help with the guests.

Here’s the technical bit – but it’s very short ……. Promise!

Essentially, the site has been moved from a static html site onto a Content Management System or CMS for short, and if that all sounds like gobbledygook to you, then let me explain what that means in real terms and the benefits that will result from this change.

The Main Advantages of Our Website Update

  • Firstly, it means that we are now able to easily  make a website update without having to run to a web professional every time we want to add or change something.  This is particularly important as ‘content is king’ in the world of the web.
  • Secondly, we now have our very own blog incorporated into the website, although I’m sure you realised that, given that you’re reading it right now.  This is a great way to reach out to people and to share some of our skills, knowledge and experiences with the world.
  • We’ll now be able to have a Members Area which is not accessible by the general public and that will be coming soon.  It’s a great way to be able to share information that’s specifically for the members.
  • This change also means that any member may have access to the website, if they wish, and will be able to participate and contribute by writing their own blog posts to share useful and interesting information, tips and stories.  I can’t wait.

Anyway, that’s enough on our website update, for now, but there will be more to follow over the next few weeks and months and I’ll be encouraging as many members as possible to take an active role in the website.

Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson


A New President at Wessex Speakers

Well, it’s that time of year again and at our meeting on Wednesday 27th June we managed to squeeze our AGM into the normal proceedings and, after two excellent speeches from Andy Brine and Eric Skates, the AGM was dealt with a little like a Club Sandwich – It served as the filling in between the Prepared Speeches/Evaluations and the Table Topics/Final Analysis for the evening.

A New President for Wessex Speakers

Conrad Hoe formally hands over to our new President Janet Blann

Of course, the AGM never comes as a surprise and it goes without saying that the succession planning was well in place after two years with Conrad Hoe at the helm.   As a result, it was no surprise to anyone that Janet Blann was voted in as our new President for the coming year at Wessex Speakers.

Many congratulations to Janet, who made it very clear how much she was looking forward to her term, having now taken up the reigns from Conrad.  I’m sure that you’ll all join me in welcoming her to the role and, more importantly, in supporting her in the year to come.

I have no doubt that you’ll also join me in extending a huge ‘Thank You’ to Conrad for the sterling work that he’s done over the last two years as President and for the highly professional manner in which he’s conducted himself.  He really is a great example to all of us and I’m sure that he’ll enjoy taking a more relaxed approach to everything, now that he’s stepped down from his role.  Enjoy it Conrad.

There were also a few other changes on the Committee with Eric Skates being voted in as ‘Vice President Elect’ as well as Vice President Education.  This being the role that Janet took on last year, which gives us a little hint that the succession planning continues.  As well it should.

Andy Brine changed roles after being voted in as Vice President Membership, I was voted in as Vice President Public Relations, Ravi Bhatta took up the mantle of Secretary and Robin Froud will be continuing in the role of Treasurer for another year.

We are, however, still looking for someone to take over the role of Sergeant at Arms in order to complete the team.  So, how are you fixed?

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to the next year at Toastmasters, so, I’ll see you all at the next meeting.


Steve Bimpson