If you would like to join, either e-mail us or just come along to one of our great meetings and speak to any committee member who will be pleased to help. Membership is open to anyone 18 years old or older. We draw members from all walks of life.

Once you decide to join, we will provide you with your Communications and Leadership manual and arrange for you to be assigned a mentor if you would like some direct support. We will schedule your first formal speaking project, the Icebreaker, which will be your opportunity to develop a speech to introduce yourself to the club and start on the road to becoming a Competent Communicator, the first milestone in your speaking development.


We are a non-profit making organization. However we also aim to be a non loss making organization and we do have some overheads that need to be met on a regular basis.

On joining there is an initial one off joining fee of £40. This fee covers the cost of the basic communication and leadership development manual, containing your first ten projects and three other manuals to help develop your skills. In addition there is a monthly membership fee which covers the cost of the meeting room, a regular monthly magazine on the craft of public speaking and to fund the general running costs of the club like postage, photocopying, and other club tools.

The monthly membership fee is only £10 collected by standing order on the first day of the month.

Discounts are available for those in full time education and can be discussed with you at one of our meetings