Speech Writing Resources

Start with a Simple Speech StructureIf you’re anything like many of our members, you’re always looking for a little inspiration and some good ideas when you sit down to do your Speech Writing. The subject matter, itself, probably isn’t a problem but it’s always nice to throw in a few little things to add interest and encourage engagement amongst your audience.

It’s always nice to have something up your sleeve to enhance your opening, help with your summation or to create a little more impact in your call to action.

And you can never underestimate just how effective stories, quotations and anecdotes can be. Providing they relate to your subject, of course.

Anecdote LogoTo kick you off, I thought I’d point you to a really great website that has lots of stories but also helps you become a better story teller. There’s also a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to to aid in your story telling development.

I’m talking about Anecdote.com and it’s well worth checking out.

BrainyQuote.com - another great Speech Writing ResourceI also love quotations and I’ve been using BrainyQuote.com for years, now. It works along the same lines as Anecdotage.com but is all about quotations rather than stories.

If they said it, it’s probably here.

Look out for more excellent Speech Writing Resources that will be coming your way soon.